You will find a great selection of both national brand as well as our private label brands up and down every aisle in the grocery, frozen and dairy departments. We also carry many specialty items throughout the store.

As a family owned supermarket business, we don’t have to abide by the same rules that the big chains do when it comes to what products we carry in our stores. Most chain grocery stores end up with “a one size fits all” selection. We think differently. We think about the neighborhood and the community we serve when it comes to product selection. We listen to what our neighbors suggest and do our best to carry those items. What you will find are aisles of products that you want with the brands you trust at a great value.

Our dairy and frozen food line up has extensive variety including many new products. Note our extensive line up of yogurts in the dairy department and ice creams in our frozen food cases. New items, new ideas and new tastes are always evolving and we respond to that by constantly reviewing what’s in the marketplace to know what new to bring in our store.

We are constantly growing and evolving our selection of organic, natural and gluten free products across the entire store. Wild harvest, our store brand of organic foods, helps consumers put food on the table they can feel good about, at prices that makes it easier to eat healthy.

If you are looking for high quality at a great price, then our private label items may be the answer for you. These items can be found throughout the store. Essential everyday items provides quality and affordability. They compare very favorably to the national brands. Culinary circle is a premium brand of restaurant inspired food. The equaline brand provides money saving quality solutions to your family’s health and beauty needs. Baby basics brand features products for babies and toddlers. Stone ridge creamery brand features high quality ice cream, frozen yogurt and novelties. Superchill brand provides variety of high quality refreshing beverages for all tastes.

Interested in Organic, Gluten Free, Natural and GMO Free products? Well, we just added thousands of these items to the store! Learn more about our Eat Right, Live Well program!